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About us

Mimundografico is a creative game design company based in Winston Salem, North Carolina. With our team of innovative designers and artists we strive to accommodate all of our customers' wants and needs, and to deliver optimal design that will enhance the effectiveness of your project. Here at Mimundografico we are passionate about enabling people and businesses to initiate and establish their creative ideas with the help of our services.

Gerardo Arizmendi

Founder & Director

Lilia Martinez

Co-Founder & Digital Artist

The Jungle is always reaching for new growth.


Be a part of our dream!

We are a community of artist that have joined forces in order to develop, create, and inspire new digital arts and solutions.




Gerardo started mimundografico as a web design company in his bedroom with only a laptop and using the neighbor wifi


Lilia joined the team and they started creating their first flash game in their free time. It was a totally fail


They launched the first game to the apple store and Google play. A flappy Bird Clone called Flappy Chicharo. We still a web design company.


We started our first Mobile App for iOS and Android called Bedtime Creatures. is schedule to launch by the end of 2019.


While Bedtime Time still in development we are in the process to change from a web design company to a Game Studio.





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