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Name: Foxy        Gender: Male

Name: Lucy    Gender: Female

Name: Paula        Gender: Female

Name: Sue/Female  &  Joe/Male

Wiggles cradled his baby sister in his arms, feeding her a juicy carrot. He sat in a cushioned chair in his underground burrow with his brother, Hopps. “I’m bored,” Wiggles said, looking at his brother who bounced in circles. “What are we going to do today?”


“I’m out of ideas,” Hopps said, “Why don’t you choose what we do this time?”


“Can we go to the cave?” Wiggles asked.


Hopps laid on his stomach in the dirt and sighed. “We promised Mama that we would stay here and watch Buttons.”


“Buttons is sleeping,” he replied, placing his sister in her bed, “We won’t be long. We can cast one little spell, then come home. No one will ever know we were gone.”


“Are you sure?”

Name: Sammy    Gender: Male

Sammy was a little Raccoon who lived in the forest with his family. Sammy loved to climb trees, play hide and seek and he also liked to sing and dance. His best friend was Ron, the Monkey. The two of them grew up in the same neighbourhood.


One day, Ron came over to Sammy’s home. He suggested that they should go look for the tallest tree in the forest and climb it. But, Sammy still had some chores he needed to do.


He told Ron to sit outside the house and wait for him. Ron began to feel bored and left out when he saw the other little animals in the forest, playing and having fun.

Name: Liam        Gender: Female

Once upon a time, in the lush, green forest, the Fairy Queen sent a message to all the animals. She needed someone who was respectful, loyal and with good behavior. Someone who would follow her everywhere she went and live in the palace. Many of the animals volunteered for the position, including a Hedgehog called Liam. After a three-day trial, the Fairy Queen would choose the animal of her choice.


Liam and twelve other animals were given a place to stay at the palace. On the first day, the Bees working in the palace brought them breakfast.


“Thank you,” Liam thanked the Bee that served him.


“You are welcome,” the Bee smiled at him.


“What is this?” the Lion roared. “Am I a baby?” he stared at his plate of food in disgust. “This food is not enough,” he yelled at the Bees.



Bedtime Creatures has seen many developments ever since soft launch.

Jun 9, 2018

Nov 25, 2018

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Bedtime Stories & Relaxing Melodies



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